Monday, November 30, 2009

likes and dislikes

monyn! weee.. woke up early cz nk make sure along g keje.. hoho
s0o, nk mk sure x t'tdo balik, kte   on9!

 cz oren = BRILLIANT, pink = cm CHANTEQ jek, white = SUCI..
dislike : YELLOW + RED.. saket mate kot~ uduh je...
but org ckp, PURPLE suits me.. yay! idop uma ungu! hehe

like : ayam sbb dislike: ikan
sbb,ikan krg cdap + leceh nk b'silat dgn tulang dy + clalu injurd ble mkn ikan..
like : iced lemon tea + iced milo cz dy cdap! + sky juice cz nk cht!!
dislike : nescafe cz pht! + yogurt cz rse cm pleq~~
like : maths + akaun cz mlibatkan numb3rs
dislike : sjrh + mgt + law + sume y kne B.A.C.A.  nantok!!
like : kiro my kure2
dislike: cicak! cats! doggy!

my  family

my  friends

n myDEARdarlingPRINCESS :
 putery badrisya liyana
[ ank org, i kdnap jer.. hee]

met her 4 d 1st tyme, kt mush, uitm arau, kt psr mlm..
sgt2 kyut ..!! 1day, g clbr8 bday rum8 agkt pny rum8 kt dpn mtrx, tbe2 dy ade kt kdai uh..
upeny, atok dy pny kdai mkn..
waa..tyme 2 bes gle ah..dukung2,cuap kek etc. 

n aftr that, xd jmp lgsg da.. huuu :(
tp ngorat2 mcik kt kdai uh, haaa.. dpt la tau name dy.. dy bru staon lbey.. now da 2taon la.. n y bes ny, bday dy nov jgk! awexcorpio cm ibu dy jgk..3n0v2007..
hope 2 c her s0on.. cz ls sem, xdpt jmp lgsg.. huhu

 love urself and appreciate those who loves u


 life is 2 b happy but not 2 forget ALLAH

 by sisQa

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