Tuesday, April 8, 2014

THE CORRECT FORMULA TO LOSE WEIGHT. (and Gain Weight & Maintain Healthy)

Kalau lah nak lose weight tu solution nya EXERCISE and WORKOUT je,
what about 'warga emas', 'orang sakit', and 'ibu berpantang'...?

NO! The Formula is 80% food 20% exercise.

U gained weight because of food.
U HAVE to lose weight by controlling your food intake. PLUS exercise.

Do the basic, and problem solved!
Do additional exercise will make u lose weight even faster.

And with Herbalife Shakes, it's Simple, Fun and Magical 

HOW? Kena try sendiri lah. Baru tau 

i da try, tapi nak explain camne rasanya dpt lose weight,
emmm... ohh, u kena try n rase sendiri lahh.. 
'rasa' kan  intangible. Camne nak bg 'rasa'..? Hihiiii

cepat2. Sape nk lose weight bulan APRIL2014, 
sms IQA - 0194574963.
Bagitau je bape KG. I'll plan your programme

 | NURSISQA | Personal Wellness Coach | 0194574963 | sisqa90_slc@yahoo.com |

fb page : Nutrisi Jasmani Motivasi Rohani

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