Tuesday, September 29, 2015

#Energy | How To Boost Energy?

sometimes you get bored of lose weight ads. 
sometimes you just dont bother about losing weight.
you just want to enjoy eating and live life without any specific meal plans.

YES! it's true!
not everyone wants to lose weight.
not everyone agree that maintaining ideal weight should be a priority.
or maybe you are just not overweight at all! that's why! 
(just like me before!) 

BUT, i'm very sure that EVERYONE just hate to be out of energy. 
Sometimes you're just tired of being tired.

√ Susah bangun pagi
√ Selalu tertidur balik lepas subuh
√ Tertidur dalam LRT / while driving
√ Dah breakfast, tapi 10am Zzz
√ Dah lunch, tapi 3pm Zzz
√ Takpernah ingin nak naik tangga!
√ Penat! Ngantuk! Bersukan cepat pancit!

Sebenarnya, semuanya back to your eating habit. sleeping habit. water drinking habit. 
We need Good Nutrition, Low GI carbohydrates, high protein breakfast.
Yes! atleast for breakfast *.*

So, How to Boost your Energy???

You have to Care and Dare to 'change' your breakfast!
Just for 10days!
Feel the changes in your energy level


If you stay or work around Seri Petaling, KL

 | contact me to set your appointment |
019 4574 963 ATIQAH
#LoseWeight #Energy #HealthyBreakfast

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