Wednesday, December 16, 2009

cyg TM.. lalala~

yday tenet rosak.. cz ujn lbt.. bnd alah router 2 rosak..
s0o pg td kol r TM careline : 100
tgu pny tgu, dpt la ckp.. cite2 repot2 ngadu2 maki hamun[hehe, xde ah]
ps2 dy ckp akn htr org tgk in 2days.. 2days? bpk lme :(
tbe2, 1pm, dy kol, ckp nk htr org ptg 2 gk...
weee, b4 3pm, org uh da dtg.. tkr modem.. pas2 da ok.. bes ny.. lalala~
selesaikan case w/out dad.. hehe
mcm la kes bsr sgt.. zzzzz

weee,  b4 dz sik tulis pjg bjela
wee..kali ni mrapu ckit jela...
nantok..zzz..ibu da soh tdo...zzz..
nyte2..salam ;)

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