Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Nak Kurus! Jom join Weight Loss Challenge Shah Alam

Weight Loss Challenge lagi! Season #14.

Yang nak turun berat, nak kurusss,
nak fit, nak sihat, 
nak fun,
nak ada geng yg sama utk 
#ProjekKurus korangg :)

JOMMMM join WLC!!!
memang besttt sebab ada:

√ Aktiviti 
√ Healthy Meal Plan
√ Motivation
√ Cashhh Prize

& yang paling penting is KNOWLEDGE
on Healthy Active Lifestyle. 

Venue : Shah Alam.

To register, contact Coach Sisqa

√ Call/SMS/Whatsapp 019-4574963
√ Facebook : Nur Atiqah Ab Razak

Lokasi: Fat2Fit Wellness Club (http://fat2fit.my/lokasi)
Lokasi Coach Sisqa: Seri Petaling / Bandar Tasik Selatan / Shah Alam

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